Enjoying Swing Dancing Basic Steps

I don’t know about you but I try to dance whenever I can. It’s a terrific way to lose some weight because you’re having so much fun that you forget that you’re tired or have been working out for a few hours already. When I started to learn swing dancing basic steps, I knew from the first session that I was hooked and I had no plans on getting away from it.

How about you? Are you planning to join a class? Perhaps you have been brushing up on your moves with some dance lessons videos and you are trying to muster up some courage to step out and join an actual class. Well, whatever it is that you are still thinking about let me give you some good advice—stop thinking! You heard me—stop thinking and start living.

Don’t get me wrong, I also started out learning how to dance via online classes. It’s a wonderful way to get your feet wet and indeed, I really learned a lot from the fantastic professional dancers who taught the course. However, unless you have a partner who will watch dance lessons videos with you for the rest of your lives together, I suggest you go out and enroll in a real dance studio with living and breathing people at least for a few sessions to try it out.

Think about it, almost all forms of ballroom dancing require that you have a partner to dance with. You can’t very well induce believable chemistry with a broomstick—or whatever it is you use to practice with at home. I know you might say you are dancing for yourself and what not, but why rob the world of your shining star? You never know what hidden talent lies within you unless you go out and take a step of faith for yourself.

The first time I danced in front of a lot of people I was really nervous. I thought everybody’s eyes were on me judging me. After all, I was a newbie who was only starting out learning the basic steps of swing dancing. It wasn’t too long before I started making friends with these wonderful people who encouraged me and shared a passion and enthusiasm for dance like I did.

Now I have a more experience and I am getting a little better at dancing. But it didn’t come overnight. I did have to go through the trembling knees and sore feet that came with learning the basic steps of any form of dance. The funny thing was— I enjoyed every bit of it! Sure it was challenging and a little frustrating at first; but the fulfillment that comes when you stick by something (or someone for that matter) you love even when it gets difficult is priceless.

Go ahead, I dare you to live large today. You can start with learning swing dancing basic steps like me but believe me—you will learn so much more than dance steps. You will find yourself addicted to enjoying life and pushing yourself to be the best that you can be. Now that’s an experience well worth any price.

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