Fun With Swing Dancing Steps

Have you ever heard of the “Swinging Twenties”? This was the era where people were breaking the old molds and finding new ways to have fun and entertainment. It should come as no surprise that swing dancing steps were at the forefront of this new world.

Today, there are many styles of swing. It all started with a little dance called the Lindy Hop from the streets of Harlem. The African American community then developed an exciting and sassy dance from the immensely popular jazz and blues tunes of that era. Of course nowadays the swing is not limited to just one genre of music. You can find just about any popular song and with the right timing and choreography— incorporate it with fun and engaging swing dancing steps.

As we have mentioned, there are several forms of swing. They usually develop different versions in different areas. The Balboa was created in Southern California, the Collegiate Shag in New York, Carolina Shag in Carolina, Washington Hand Dancing in Washington D.C., East Coast Swing (also known as Triple Step Swing) in the East Coast and West Coast Swing in the West Coast. Sometimes, groups would combine elements of these swing dances and form a completely new dance from it.

The swing is such a popular ballroom dancing style that it is included in ballroom dance competitions from all over the world. More often than not, the East Coast swing or Lindy Hop is performed during these international competitions.

There are many factors that the judges take into consideration when critiquing swing dancing steps. Timing and technique is definitely part of the criteria. The dancers should be able to keep to the rhythm of the music and have a clean and polished dancing style. The higher the level of difficulty, the more challenging it is for two people to be technically perfect while keeping in sync, so constant practice is a must.

Another vital component of dancing is teamwork. Partnering skills can make or break the performance. The men lead and the women follow. Judges can tell if the woman is “back leading” (or has already pre-determined where she wants to go instead of waiting for the man to lead her), and will deduct points for this.

And of course, showmanship, showmanship, showmanship! If you’ve been motivated to take up ballroom dancing because of the superb reality dance shows being aired recently, then showmanship should really turn you on. Beautiful costumes, creative choreography and a stunning over-all presentation are what make a performance that will not be soon forgotten.

If you want to learn more about swing dancing steps, I suggest you enroll yourself in a class or buy a good instructional DVD that will teach you the basics of swing dancing. It’s a little nerve wracking to dance in front of strangers the first time, but it won’t be long before you’ll get the hang of it and start dancing like the dancing star you always knew deep down you were. Enjoy!

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