Having Fun With Swing Dance Steps

I am what you call a swinger. Yes, I admit I swing and I love it. Now, I don’t know what exactly you are thinking of but if you are thinking swing dancing then we are on the same page. Swing dance steps are an absolute fun to do and if you have a friend— even better!

It must be all the reality dance shows. They looked like they were having so much fun that I just had to enroll myself and find out for myself what the happy fuss what about. Since none of my friends were available at the time I got hooked with swing, I made a commitment and went on ahead to sign up for a class by myself.

I can still remember the first time I stepped into the dance studio for my lessons. It felt like everyone was looking me up and down, judging me already. Fortunately, I did my research before coming in to class. I looked up what swing dancing was and made sure I watched several videos so I knew what to expect.

Well, let me tell you— it’s one thing to watch something on a video, it’s an entirely different matter to do it yourself. I can’t tell if I was perspiring because of the physical exertion I subjected my body to, or because of my extreme nervousness at falling down and looking stupid. Either way, I was completely out of my comfort zone and it was an exhilarating experience.

As it turns out, the other dancers were not as professional as I thought. Sure a good majority of them were better than me, but they never made me feel inept or unworthy of their more experienced presence. If anything, they were extremely helpful and kind. They gave me tips on how to carry myself and how to execute a certain step until I was able to do it right.

In fact, some of my classmates there ended up becoming really good friends of mine. I don’t know about other people, but I really count myself lucky to have found such great company in my dance class. Perhaps in a more professional setting, it wouldn’t have been so easy. As it happens, my swing class lessons opened up a whole new territory I was ready to conquer.

Other than the company I had, the great thing about learning swing is that in itself, swing is an excellent form of physical activity. If your dancing repertoire only consists of the “raise the roof” moves like many of my friends, then you haven’t yet discovered the intense workout that dancing can give you. The footwork, the coordination and the actual steps all make up to an engaging and completely physical workout that you should try out.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons that make swing dance steps so much fun. The adrenaline of sheer physical activity produces endorphins that is scientifically proven to make you happy— or something like that. I don’t know, I’m not really a scientist— I’m just a swinger. Enjoy!

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