How to Slow Dance at a Wedding

Missed the prom because you were too timid to dance in public? Too shy to enroll in a dance school just so you can dance with confidence in a wedding? Well you’re lucky! Today, there are several excellent online resources that
can help you learn the basics in dancing. These ballroom dancing videos can teach you how to slow dance at a wedding and be a pro at it before you know it. Here are some cheat tips you might want to use to help get you started in your goal today.

Depending on how serious you are on looking good at the dance floor, you can talk to the bride (or the groom- whomever you are closer to), or host prior to the dancing part of the program. Ask for the song list of the wedding. Since you have the list you will be able to get an idea of what you will be dancing to and be less nervous when the dancing starts. This should give you enough confidence and make you more at ease, which translates to a smoother dancer.

If you have a few days to do this, you can also talk to another friend who is also invited. Ask her to practice with you. Ask if it would be ok to be her dance partner for maybe two or three of the songs. She might even be asking herself the same thing- how to slow dance at a wedding?! However, if you do not know who you will be partnering with, then it would be best for you to practice simple steps with the songs in the list. This way you will not surprise your partner with complicated steps and end up hurting her in the process.

How to slow dance at a wedding if you do not have any experience is not that hard unless you literally have two left feet. If you have a pretty big role in the wedding then you have no choice but to enroll in a dance school. Do not be shy to dance in a class. It is easier to learn steps when you are dancing with other people who are also just beginning to dance. You might even find yourself enjoying and making friends in the process.

Remember to take in as much of the experience and enjoy the process. They say that the journey is as worth as much or more as the destination itself, so soak up the experience and be purposeful in having fun through it all. You will find yourself laughing a few years after when you realize how simple it really is. Just do not forget what you have learned because you might find yourself in a similar situation again.

Go to the links in this page to find a fabulous ballroom dancing DVD that can help you on your quest on how to slow dance at a wedding. This is a resource that everybody should invest in because you will have to learn how to dance at some point in your life—better to be prepared and look good when you get there, right? Have a blast and enjoy your lesson today!

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