How to Slow Dancing – the Basics

A lot of people in their teens want to learn tips on how to slow dancing. Most of them want to be ready and feel confident on prom night. Even with the emergence of different genres such as hiphop and pop, prom is still prom. They still get nervous thinking of how to ask their crush to prom night, what to wear and how to dance with her without making a fool of himself.

Yes, a lot of young boys still get intimidated asking a girl out to prom. They still get butterflies when they take her hand and bringing her to the dance floor for that first slow dance they will share together. That is why it is important to prepare yourself and learn the basics on how to slow dancing so you can exude confidence and become more attractive to that girl you are trying to impress.

Here are some tips for you to make sure you are as prepared as possible on that special night. First of all, practice your moves with a friend or family member that knows how to dance before slow dancing in public. If they are really your true friends, they will be brutally honest with you and will give you constructive criticism and feedback.

Second, if you do not want to learn dancing lessons in an actual school, then go online for additional support and information. There are several Youtube video and dance instructional DVDs that will show you the right form and technique. You can learn about where you should be facing or where you should put your hands, among other things. Also, since you are already online, check out what the current dancing etiquettes are. This is a courtesy that will not go unnoticed by your date. However, if you need to know about a more complicated and technical dance that you need to learn about, then it is highly recommended that you go to a professional for this!

Lastly, have a test run before the actual night. Go to a club with friends. Loosen up with some fast songs and as soon as the DJ plays the first slow dance grab your friend and just go with the music. This will make it easier for you when you actually need to slow dance with that special someone.

Always remember that learning how to slow dancing is just the end result. What you really want is to have a good time. To do this you must also be respectful and courteous with your partner. When you accidentally step on her you must immediately apologize. You should also loosen up. It is easy to sense a tense partner and a tense partner is an awkward situation just waiting to happen. So feel the music, enjoy the company and just dance! At the end of the day what you want really is to have a memorable evening with a great girl that you will both remember the rest of your lives. Enjoy!

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