How To Swing Dance Steps

Do you love swing dancing? It’s a lively and energetic form of ballroom dancing that has taken the world by the storm! Here is the simple how to swing dance steps guide to help you be on your way to dancing superstardom!

First of all, you need to find a partner. The man usually leads and the woman follows. The basic position is for the couple to face each other, standing about 6 inches apart. There are two kinds of holds, the closed hold and the double open hold.

For the closed hold, the leader’s right hand is placed lightly on the woman’s left shoulder blade and left hand holds the woman’s right hand. The woman’s left hand should hold on to the man’s shoulder, her arms resting on his arm lightly. For the double open hold, the couple faces each other and holds each other’s hands lightly.

Now we start with the how to swing dance steps of the Lindy Hop. Start with both feet beside each other. For the man: Take a step back on the left foot and put all your weight on that foot, then shift the weight back forward on the right foot. Step to the left side with the left foot, and a step to the side with the right foot. Do it again.

This is the basic step. The woman or follower is the same but using the opposite side (left for man, right for woman and vice versa; forward for men, backward for woman and vice versa). These steps are pretty easy if you practice it a few times with the music. Once you master this, you can start learning the triple step variation of the dance.

For the man: With both feet together, take a back step with the left foot. Put your weight on the left foot, then shift it forward with the right foot. Next, step to the left with your left foot; step to the left again but now with your right foot (crossing over the left foot). Shift your weight back to the left foot, and take three quick side steps to the left. This is the triple step. Do the same thing to the right. Take a side step to the right with the right foot; take another step to the right but with the left foot. Rock your weight to the right foot, and take three quick side steps to the right. Repeat. Again, the woman follows the opposite of the man’s steps.

This may seem a bit complicated at first but it gets easier after a while. Because the timing is fast, bend your knees and keep your steps small and light. Don’t look down on your feet or else you will trip over yourself. Maintain eye contact with your partner and remember to have fun! Listen to the music and relax and pretty soon you’ll forget this how to swing dance steps guide and just start swinging on your own before long. Enjoy!

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