Jive Dancing

Jive dancing is a form of swing that became popular around the 1940s. The American soldiers introduced it to Europe during World War II and the Europeans have then added their own flavor to the dance. It has evolved since then, and the Jive is now officially included as part of the 5 International Latin Dances.

Not a lot is known about how the term “jive” came about. Some have said that jive is another word for glib talk, which is reflective of the sassy and vigorous movements that jive dancing has become known for. Whatever its origin, jive became a huge hit all over the world.

If you are already taking ballroom dancing lessons, you will notice that jive is one of the more difficult dances you will learn. There is a lot of complicated footwork that a less determined dancer will feel intimidated with. In fact, many times during competitions and tournaments, the jive is usually performed at the end so that the dancers will be able to concentrate on this extremely challenging dance completely.

You may think— it’s not worth learning since you just want to dance for fun and not to be stressed out. Well, that may be true, but the satisfaction of accomplishing such a feat is a reward in itself. I mean, not everybody can do the jive really, really well. More than that, it’s such an entertaining and fun dance to watch and do— I am willing to wager that once you take the time and effort to master this you will not regret it.

What do you need to know when you undertake the task of learning the jive? For one thing, it is very important that you warm up and cool down adequately during every dance lesson. With all the crazy moves you have to do, you don’t want cramped and insufficiently warmed up muscles to be detrimental to your performance. Some of the warm-up exercises you can do is to roll your head around, rotate your arms, shoulders, leg and ankle joints and stretch your back. Jive dancing ceases to be fun when you are injured and sore.

To the untrained eye, the flicks of the feet and kicks during the dance seem like random occurrences, but nothing could be further from the truth. Every step in the choreography is planned to execute a specific effect. It is critical that the dancer understands the rhythm and timing of the dance so that he/she will be able to keep up. Go to the online store by clicking on the links of this article to get more resources on how you can be the best ballroom dancer you can be.

Jive dancing is an art that only a brave few will endeavor to master— will you be one of them? Be the very best that you can be in everything you put your heart into. It might mean a few bruises and scratches along the way but friend– it is a journey well worth it.

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