Jive Steps

If you want to dance the swing, one of the best styles to learn is the jive. Now, it may not be as easy as you might have wanted; but it is definitely worth learning! Doing the jive steps is an excellent form of exercise, as well as loads of fun to do.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional dancer, if you have the heart for dancing and are willing to do whatever it takes to master the jive steps, it won’t be long before you can enjoy performing this lively and exuberant dance in front of people. There are many kicks and turns that is incorporated in the dance– but if you can master the basic steps, the embellishments will follow without much of a hitch.

What is the basic footwork for the jive? For the man, you take a back step with the left foot, while maintaining the position of your right foot, shifting your weight on it (forward right). Next, he takes a step to the left, closing the distance with the right foot at the next count. Then take a step to the side with the left foot, with the right foot in place, rock your weight to the right foot. Cross to the right side with the left foot, then cross to the left side with the right foot.

The woman follows the natural opposite of the man. It is very important that the man and woman understand their roles when doing the jive. The man should lead, giving the woman subtle indications through tugs and pushes when the next transition of steps will be. The woman, in turn should allow herself to be led by the man.

Partnering in ballroom dancing is critical so make sure you practice a lot with your partner before you perform. Even though the steps may be complicated especially in the beginning, do not look down on your feet or else you will just end up tripping yourself and stepping on your partner’s toes. Instead, maintain eye contact with your partner and enjoy each other’s company. The dance will look much better and flow more smoothly when you do.

The jive can be performed to a variety of fast tempo music like boogie, rock and roll, pop and funk. It is essential that the dancers get a feel for the song and discover for themselves the rhythm of it. When you are performing this particular dance, remember to listen to the drum instead of the melody. The drum line will provide you the beats and counts that you will need when doing the jive steps.

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