Learning About Swing Dance Moves

Learn Swing Dance Moves

Swing Dance Moves

What do you think of when you hear the word “swing”? I sincerely hope you are not thinking of a well-equipped playground right now. Swing is an awesome dance that just seems to keep getting better and better if you’re an avid learner like me. I know I’ve still got a lot to learn with those smooth swing dance moves but it’s alright—I’m having a blast just knowing more about it.

Swing was born around the 1920’s and has never grown too old for us since. Unlike some of the other forms of ballroom dance, swing is often danced to an up tempo music and is performed with such relish in the clubs before that swingers were called “jitterbugs” (Jitterbugs was a slang word that referred to inebriated people at that time).

A Tax on Swing Dance Moves?

There was one time though that swing was not as popular as it was today. During World War II, there was a 30% tax imposed on dancing clubs. Can you imagine? Fortunately though, the war ended and guess what’s a good way to celebrate? Dancing what else! Now, this isn’t to make little of the war— of course not. It just goes to show that no matter what happens dancing will always be part of our culture, enjoyed and celebrated by the people who are free to do so.

Now here we are, in a time and place where dancing is such a part of who we are as a generation that competitions, music videos and reality shows are being built around it. There are many kinds of dancing and if you have one you’re particularly fond of, make the most out of it! For me though, I think if you want to really enjoy yourself, you’ve got to try swing.

If you’re not super sure about shimmying in front of a lot of people, you can check out some sites that showcase some ballroom dancing and swing steps first. There are even online classes that are really helpful in giving the person the foundation of the basic steps in swing. If you think this is something you will be doing more often, I highly suggest that you take real lessons with real people around. You will learn a lot more that way.

Some people don’t want to try ballroom because it looks like an expensive hobby to have. That is not entirely true. The illusion of elaborate costumes, elegant dances and timeless music may give us that impression but everyone can afford to be a part of this. There are discount dance shoes you can buy that can last you a long time, and you can rent costumes for performances if necessary. Just make sure if you buy discount dance shoes that you find a pair that fits you well and have adequate support and material.

Online Swing Dance Moves Course

It doesn’t matter how old you are—it’s never too late to bust out some groovy swing dance moves! Go to a dance studio nearest your place and enroll right now, or better yet, invest in an online swing dance moves course! It’s a “move” you won’t regret.

Learn Swing Dance Moves

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