New Jack Swing Dance Moves

New jack swing dance moves has been in the dance world for only a few years, but already is has gained popularity in the younger generation who love the music and style of R&B and Jazz.

New Jack Swing Dance Moves

The main proponents of new jack swing dance moves are Teddy Riley and Babyface. Teddy Riley is a singer/songwriter, musician and record producer who launched the careers of hit groups such as Blackstreet and the band, Guy. Babyface, an immensely popular entertainer who is also a multi hyphenate like Riley, became known for his genre of music which blended the sensibilities of ballads and the edginess of rap. The result is what we call the new jack swing genre.

Soulful and Urban New Jack Swing Dance Moves

If there is anything you will notice about this type of music, it is soulful and urban. Some of the songs found in this genre is interspersed with rap verses. Many artists who consider themselves hardcore or “street” criticized the new jack for being too soft and a cop out to what they believe is real hip-hop music. Fortunately for this growing genre, more and more artists apply this to their albums which gave them hit songs. Moreover, the internationally known music awards show VH-1 4th Annual Hip Hop Honors show honored the new jack swing in their ceremonies.

The list of artists that started using elements of new jack swing in their records is many. Teddy Riley, Babyface, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are just some of the notable artists who made hit songs and enjoyed a surge in their popularity because of this evolved musical genre that once divided musicians before.

The music that we know today, is enjoyed throughout the world. Find out more about the new jack swing dance moves and other fun ballroom dancing styles when you go to this website today.

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