Swing Basic Dance Steps

Everybody knows the swing dance. It is one of the most popular dances around because it’s fun, lively and highly entertaining. Find out more about swing basic dance steps and tips in this short and interesting article today.

There are many forms of swing, but perhaps the most loved and performed one is the Lindy Hop— the mother of all swing dances. The basic footwork and moves are simple enough and when you master it, you can add in all the fancy turns and dips you see those professional dancers do.

Before you start your ballroom dancing lesson, you should always take time to warm up. Cold and tight muscles can result in injury if you do not take the time to properly stretch and warm up. Take at least 15 minutes to do some stretching exercises like rolling your head around, rotating your shoulders, circling ankles inwards and outwards, and rotating the hip and knee joints to loosen them.

The swing basic dance steps consist of the triple step and the rock step. The man takes a left side step, then closes the right foot together with the left. He takes another side step to the left, but this time does not put the right foot beside the left foot. Instead, he rocks his weight to the right foot, then closes the left foot beside the right foot. After this he takes a right side step, a back step with the left foot, then rocks his weight to the right foot.

The woman’s steps are the mirror opposite of the man. If the man takes a left step, she takes a right step; if he takes a forward step, she takes a back step; and so on and so forth. It’s important that the woman lets the man lead her and not decide where she wants to go before being led to go there. This is known as back leading and can mess up the over-all effect of the dance.

If you are starting out, it is advisable to dance with as many people as possible so you can learn from them. However, if you are geared to perform or to compete, you should practice as much as you can with your assigned partner so you can establish a good connection together. A strong partnership can be the factor that will separate all the technically perfect dancers from one another.

Invest in a good pair of dance shoes if you plan to take ballroom dancing seriously. Dance shoes should be light weight and constructed especially to meet the dancer’s needs. Look for suede (or chrome leather) covered heels, snug buckles, heel supports and extra foot padding. Check out the links in this site to find an excellent dance store that has a variety of beautiful dance shoes you can choose from.

Practice your swing basic dance steps and enjoy a fun time when you do! Life is too important to be taken seriously and too short to live without dancing. Live well today!

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