Swing Dance Moves

Learn Swing Dance Moves

Swing Dance Moves

If all you know about swing is that it’s a colorful wooden plank you see in the play ground then you are in need of some serious dance lessons. Swing dancing is one of the most fun things that people can ever get into. Believe me, I have tried many things and ballroom dancing has been one of the best experiences of my life so far. If you want to know more about swing dance moves, read on to get interesting facts to get you started today.

An extremely talented musician by the name of Benny Goodman is credited to have officially started the swing era in the Palomar Ballroom on 1935. However, Louis Armstrong together with Fletcher Henderson’s band have been paving the way for this genre of dance as early as the 1920’s. The jazz and blues rock sound have largely influenced swing music at that time.

Swing Dance Moves for the Younger Generation

For some people, they think that swing is only for the older people who have nothing better to do. This is not true. Just watch many reality dance shows and you will find swing still being performed by the best young and hip dancers of our generation. Swing music, while it originated from jazz, has evolved in to many forms including pop, rock and roll, and hip hop among others.

What are some swing dances that are still being danced today? Well, the Lindy Hop is a classic that never goes away. From the Lindy Hop, many subcategories were created like the East Coast Swing, the West Coast Swing, the Charleston, the Shag, the Balboa and the Jive. These were originally done in clubs and parties but it has become so popular that they have been included in prestigious ballroom dancing competitions.

These dance competitions are participated by some of the most talented individuals in the world. They are judged by their technique and timing (the precision of their moves and the skill that they display), their teamwork (how well the couple dance together and execute their partnering skills), and their showmanship (over-all presentation, creativity and difficulty factor). You can be sure that you’re in for quite a show when you have the chance to be part of these competitions.

Lessons in Swing Dance Moves

Do you know anybody interested in getting into swing? Maybe you are considering taking some lessons for yourself. That is not a bad idea at all. As previously mentioned, this is an absolutely enjoyable hobby that many people are undertaking. More than that, it’s also a good exercise that will help keep you fit and healthy. Find a few friends you would want to share this experience with and enroll in a dance class today! Who knows, you might be joining advance classes before long.

Swing dance moves like the ones we see on television shows performed by talented dancers are difficult but are not impossible to imitate. If you are up for the challenge then go for it! I have a feeling you’re really a swinger at heart anyway. Have fun with those swing dance moves!

Learn Swing Dance Moves

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