Swing Dance Moves Tips

I know you’ve got some amazing swing dance moves on you— do you want to know how to get even better? Read on for some great tips that will up your game and make you win over anybody over a swinging showdown.

Alright, we better start with the basics: warm up. I know you’re a cool cat and all, but even the baddest of all the dancers need sufficient warm up to prepare their bodies for the sometimes grueling task ahead. Taking the time to stretch will make sure your muscles are all loosened up. When you do, you will less likely experience body aches and pains after you dance.

Here are some of the warm up exercises you can do: roll your shoulders in forward and backward motions to loosen the joints; raising and lowering your arms a few times; rolling your head around; rotating your ankles in a circular motion; stretching your legs from the hip joints repeatedly. You should also do these exercises after practice to cool down.

In ballroom dancing, especially with dances that are more up tempo like the swing, it is recommended that you keep your steps small to be able to change steps quickly. Bend your knees a little bit so movements are easier. Some people also find it easier to stand with feet slightly apart for better balance. Footwork is integral in any form of dance so you would do well to master the footwork so you don’t have to look down at your feet constantly and break eye contact with your partner.

If you’re serious about learning ballroom, you should invest in good ballroom dance shoes. Remember, real ballroom shoes are specially made to support the dancer adequately. Some important features are suede covered heels, a steel shank and easy clasp buckles. Keep the heel height to 2 to 3 inches only so you don’t have to worry about falling while dancing.

When you do buy your shoes, preserve them as much as possible because ballroom shoes can be quite expensive. Keep them in a separate bag and don’t use them for anything other than dancing. Find a great dance store in the links included in this site to find more options in the ballroom dance shoes that you can use.

The general rule in partner dances is that men take the lead and the women follow. This being said, practice with your partner often. Never, ever berate each other during dancing. This is bad manners. Just enjoy each other’s company and let loose! You’ll be surprised at how improved both your dancing will be when you relax and have fun.

You can’t go wrong if you practice these easy swing dance moves tips. I guarantee you, not only will you have a better performance, you will feel better afterwards as well! One last tip—never forget why you are dancing in the first place. If you love to dance, keep that fire in your heart. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing passion in movement. Enjoy!

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