Swing Dance Steps

Learn Swing Dance Steps

Swing Dance Steps

Have you ever learned how to dance swing? If no, you are missing out my friend. This is one of the most enjoyable hobbies I have ever gotten into. It’s not only fun and interesting— it’s an extremely effective workout as well. Find out more about swing dance steps and enjoy a more fit and exciting lifestyle when you do!

Ballroom dance steps like the swing are not easy to do when you begin. Swing in particular can get a bit more challenging than the other ballroom genres because it has a tendency to be faster in tempo, therefore you must see to it that you work on your footwork quite a bit. A tip most professional’s use is to take small steps and to keep both feet as close together as the dance would allow. This will make for a better balance for the dancer.

The Man’s Swing Dance Steps

The basic footwork pattern for swing is the quick step and the rock step. If you’re a man, take a small step with your left foot at count 1. Close it quickly with your right foot and take another small left step on count 2, this time don’t close your feet together. Shift your weight to the right foot on count 1 again, close the space with the left foot and take a step to the right on count 2. On the third count 1, take a back step with using the left foot and rock your weight to the right foot for count 2.

This is the ballroom dance steps for the man’s part in swing.

The Woman’s Swing Dance Steps

For the woman, take a step with your right foot on count 1, bring the left foot together with the right and take another right step on count 2. Do not close the distance. Shift the weight to the left foot. The woman also takes a back step with the right foot creating a small distance with the partner. These steps are repeated whenever needed as it is the framework of the entire dance.

Non-Verbal Communication is Important

Swing is a non progressive dance which requires partnering. The main contact will be the hands and eyes. Even though there are usually no words exchanged, it is vital for both partners to have a strong connection with each other. The man must be able to lead effectively and the woman should allow herself to be led properly.

The music for this particular ballroom dance is moderately fast, so be prepared when you attempt to dance the swing. Some forms of swing include the Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Boogie Woogie, Rock and Roll and the Jive. Don’t forget to always smile. When it looks like you’re enjoying what you’re doing, the audience will have fun with you as well.

These are the basic swing dance steps. When you master these, you can start doing all those spins and fancy footwork that make for an impressive show. Give every performance the best you’ve got and you’ll have no regrets. Enjoy!

Learn Swing Dance Steps

To learn to execute those swing dance steps to the envy of your friends, click the above image and you’ll be good to go!

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