Swing Dance Steps

Learn Swing Dance Steps

Swing Dance Steps to Learn

I tried, I faltered, but I eventually conquered. What am I talking about? If you are thinking learning swing dance steps (which I’m sure you are), then you are right. People who know my less than stellar grace have tried to dissuade me, but I trusted my instincts and innate stubbornness and enrolled in a ballroom dancing lesson anyway—and I’m glad that I did.

Well, I’m glad that I did but I don’t think the people around me were for my first few attempts. What can you expect? Of course I stepped on a few toes literally and figuratively while learning how to be a good “swinger”. I don’t take too well with mistakes—which I did a lot of, but luckily everyone was able to survive and here I am giving a testimony of the success of it all.

How about you? Do you want to learn how to dance? People may have likened your gracefulness to a door knob but don’t let that stop you. If you want to dance, then go ahead and dance!

Swing Dance Steps Lessons

Alright, so what are some of the things I learned in my dance lessons? Well, if you are dancing something that requires a partner than you need to have a partner that you have a good chemistry with. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to be attracted to them, but it does mean that you have a good connection with them. You may not talk a lot when you dance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need good communication with your partner.

What does this mean? If you have a partner, unspoken communication will play a very important part in dancing. The man must know how to lead and the woman must allow herself to be led. If you keep dancing with the same partner, over time you will begin to learn little nuances in their style which will also allow you to anticipate certain moves and also move accordingly. When you accomplish this, you are on your way to being a really good dancer.

Swing Dance Steps Fancy Footwork

Now swing is a non progressive dance that necessitates good footwork. I think the bulk of my ballroom dancing lesson concentrated on my not stumbling all over myself with all the quick steps I had to master. If you are dancing something fast, it is wise to keep your balance as best as you can by keeping your feet close together as much as possible. When you miss a step, brush it off quickly and get on with the rest of the dance.

Naturally, you need to have a feel for the music when you dance. If you are learning a number, record the music you’ll be dancing to and play it at home or in your car until you pretty much develop a good sense of it. It will make you more confident in dancing when you are familiar with the beats and the melodies of the music.

Swing dance steps might be intimidating at first, but go ahead and try it out anyway. Learning swing dance steps is worth your time and energy, and who knows, you might discover a hidden talent in you and become the next best swinger of your generation!

Learn Swing Dance Steps

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