Tips For Basic Swing Dance Steps

You. Yes, you. I know who you are. You’re the person who loves to dance. There are many of us you know, in different stages of development. Maybe you are just beginning and in need of some foundational instructions. Here are tips to add to your basic swing dance steps that will help get you on your way to becoming a dancing sensation.

Alright, the first thing we need to learn about is proper positioning. Swing dancing is a partner dance so you need to find a partner, preferably one that is not inanimate and is from the opposite sex. Always keep in mind that the man is the lead and the woman is the follower. Your contact consists of your hands and your eyes. Maintain good eye contact at all times.

The man should hold his right arm at a 90 degree angle holding the woman’s and lightly holding the partner’s waist or hip area. The woman’s left hand should hold on to the man’s shoulder or arm. Her right hand should rest lightly on the man’s hand. This is the closed hold for swing dancing. It may vary so keep in step with the choreography.

While most dances should have a straight back, in swing dancing, your back must be slightly hunched. The knees should be slightly bent so that change in steps would be easier. Swing is generally a fast paced dance so keep your foot work small and precise so you would be able to keep up with the quick movements in the dance.

Even if you are just starting, endeavor not to keep looking down to check on your footwork. When you do, you will stumble all over yourself and worse, step on your partner’s feet as well. Look at your partner. Build good chemistry with him/her. This will help you anticipate each other’s moves better. As you progress in dancing, you will find that good partnering can cover and make up for mistakes that you and your partner may have made on the dance floor.

It’s good if you have a friend you can partner with, but you should try to dance with other partners as well. This will help you learn from a lot of different people’s styles and make you more versatile as a dancer and as a partner. When you master the art of partnering, other people will be lining up to have you to dance with them because they know that this is an integral part in any ballroom dance.

If you are just beginning in your swing dancing adventure, I highly recommend that you check out instructional dance videos to help you improve your steps. There are valuable tips that you can glean from the professional and experienced dancers who are teaching the online course. What’s more, you can always play it back every time you feel that you need a refresher course on some steps.

Use these tips to add to your basic swing dance steps and catapult yourself in becoming a better dance in no time at all. Enjoy!

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