Tips For Triple Step Swing Dance

If you don’t want to have fun, don’t get into ballroom dancing. However, if you are ready to get your groove on and have the time of your life—step into the dance floor and start learning the triple step swing dance!

Swing dancing has been around for more than a few years. The original form of swing is the Lindy Hop, created in the streets of Harlem. It wasn’t long before this super fun dance evolved into several other forms of swing. Some examples of these are the west coast swing, Balboa, Washington hand dancing, jive, Carolina shag, Imperial swing, and of course the East Coast swing, also known as the triple step swing dance.

The triple step swing is an offshoot of the Lindy hop. This has been largely influenced by the Arthur Murray dance studios in the 1940s. Aside from being known as the triple step, the east coast swing can also be referred to as the 6 count swing and the single time swing. The triple step swing has derived a lot of its characteristics from the Foxtrot.

Learning the triple step swing dance may be a little tricky for some people who aren’t as coordinated, but with a little practice and a lot of commitment, it can be done. For the men the steps are as follows: Side step to the left with the left foot, close by bringing the right foot beside the left foot. Take another step to the left but don’t close the right foot. Instead, shift your weight to the right and then close the left foot to the right foot. Take a side step with the right foot, a step back with the left foot, and shift weight back to the right foot. The ladies follow the opposite of the man’s part.

This style of dance requires an open hold dance position. The connection between the couple is relied mostly through the hands (and eye contact of course). Both individuals should exert only a light amount of pressure, with no pulling, squeezing or gripping. The lead gives claves or gentle tugs and pulls to indicate to the partner what the next step will be.

It is very important that when you are dancing with your partner, you have to establish a good connection with each other. The man needs to lead, and the woman’s responsibility is to allow herself to be moved where she is led. She must not decide in advance where to go and how to move. This is called back leading and will affect the over-all effect of the performance.

A good tip in dancing the triple step is to keep your steps small. As you will find out, this dance can get a little fast and you don’t want to over extend yourself with large and sweeping steps. Keep your knees slightly bended the whole dance (unless the choreography requires you to do otherwise) so you can transition to the next step quickly and gracefully.

If you have been dancing for even a week, you know all about the aches and sores of a post dancing workout. You can significantly lessen these occurrences when you take the time to stretch and warm up before you start dancing. Loosen the neck joints by rolling around your head, rotate your shoulders and push them up and down, move your arms around, rotate your ankles to prevent twisting them accidentally during practice, and move leg joints from the hips and knees to avoid injuries.

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