Tips To Improve Your Swing Dancing Moves

Swing dance is a form of ballroom dancing that came about around the 1920s to the big band style of music. Over time, swing dancing moves has evolved into many different kinds– Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Charleston, Jive, Hand Dancing, Shag and Balboa just to name a few. Whatever particular style is being performed, you know people are dancing the swing because of the apparent fun everybody seems to be having.

Yes, swing dancing moves are among the most enjoyable social dance people typically engage in. It has been popular several decades ago, and it is now experiencing a revival of sorts with all the wildly entertaining reality dance shows today. How about you? Are you interested in taking part of the swing?

If you want to learn how to dance the swing, you can buy an online dance instructional video which can show you the basic steps that you need to know. Go to the links provided in this site to direct you to a fantastic dance DVD that countless of people have used and enjoyed. It’s taught by award winning dancers so you know that your investment is well worth it.

When you begin your ballroom dancing lessons, these helpful tips will help you make the most out of your stellar swing dancing moves.

First of all, take sufficient time to warm up and cool down before and after every dance session. Stretching stimulates your muscles and loosens your limbs so you will be more flexible when you dance. It will also reduce the risk of injuries. Roll your head, rotate your shoulders, circle your hips and ankles and stretch your back for 10 to 15 minutes before starting.

Footwork is foundational in any kind of ballroom dancing, but it can be especially tricky with faster dances like the swing. A good tip is to keep the feet as close together as the choreography will allow. This will help you move from one step to the next. Never look down at your feet because it will only guarantee to trip you up. Look to your partner and smile and count in your head until you master the steps and dance more freely.

Do you need to buy yourself a pair of ballroom dancing shoes? It really depends on you. If you plan to dance for a while, then it is important that you invest in a good pair to avoid injuries (go to the dance store in this site for beautiful and reasonably priced shoes). There are special features in ballroom shoes that regular shoes do not have like suede covered soles, steel shank and heel supports. If, however, you are only dancing for a specific occasion, then you probably can do with regular pumps for women, and classic Oxford shoes for men.

More than anything, don’t forget to have fun with your swing dancing moves! When you have fun, everyone else automatically has fun with you. Enjoy every twist, turn and dip— everything is easier when you’re smiling!

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