What Are Cuban Salsa Steps?

Looking for a fun and sassy exercise to dance to? Tired of the boring treadmill in the gym? Why not try an alternative form of exercise? Start losing weight with Cuban salsa steps. It is an invigorating form of exercise that will surely make you sweat out the fat. Not only is it a very good form of cardio exercise, it is also a fun activity with music which marries both Latin and African influences that will surely captivate music lovers.

Cuban Salsa Steps

Cuban salsa steps are a little different from normal Salsa dance steps. This particular salsa is also known as the Casino Salsa, which is danced amidst a large circle of couples. Cuban salsa steps are characterized by a group of couples dancing the same step at the same time. A leader will be in-charge of the movements; he will be the one calling the shots when it comes to what the next move the group will follow.

A practice session can span from 1 hour to 1 and a half hour. This will ensure that dancers will get enough time to learn the dance steps as well as ensuring that they will get a 1 and half hour of a good cardio work out.

Cuban Salsa Steps – A Real Workout!

Since Cuban salsa steps involves upper and lower body movement, a total body work-out is also given to the dancers. Also, with the constant shifting of weight by the dancer’s hips, constant movement by the abdominal area is given, thereby giving a nice round of targeted exercise for the abs. Not only will a dancer be able to shed pounds, he can also toned down one of his problem areas.

You can enroll in the nearest studio to learn more about the Cuban salsa steps, or purchase an online dance instructional DVD to get you started in your ballroom dancing adventure. So what are you waiting for? Put your dance shoes on and get ready to dance to a sexier new you!

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