Swing Dancing Basic Steps

Learn Swing Dancing Basic Steps

Swing Dancing Basic Steps

The dancing genre known as “Swing” dates back almost a century, with the initial swing dancing basic steps that were first seen almost 90 years ago, evolving ever since.

Swing dance is a popular form of entertainment today. It developed together with the jazz genre of music in the 1920’s to 30’s. There are many forms and subcategories of swing but one of the most well-loved ones is the East Coast Swing dance. It is an offshoot of the Lindy Hop and is best done with 50’s up-beat, fast tempo music. Anyone with a sense of rhythm can learn the swing dancing basic steps of this East Coast Swing.

Swing Dancing Basic Steps – East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing is also called the Triple Step so expect that most of your footwork pattern will consist of triple steps and rock steps. As you can imagine it can get very fast so the swing dance steps in this particular style should be small and quick. Do not space your feet too far apart. If you do, you might lose your balance and it will be more challenging to keep up with the rest of the dance.

The basic steps for the man are as follows. First, take a step to the side with your left foot, and bring your right foot in. Do the same thing again but now, do not close the distance with your right foot. Instead, put your weight on the right foot and then bring your left foot beside your right foot. After, take a side step with the right foot, and with your left foot, take a step back. Put your weight on your right foot.

The woman’s part is the opposite of what the man is doing. Step to the side with the right foot, then close it with the left. Take another sidestep with the right foot, but don’t close it with the left foot. Keep the left foot in its place and leave the weight there.

The position of the East Coast Swing is for the partners to face each other with hands holding. It’s not a very intimate dance so there is some distance between them. The man should hold out his arms and the woman will step into this space with her hands fitting inside the man’s palms with her fingers forming a “C”. Swing dance steps are very fast so partners must be perfectly in sync with their steps to make it look good.

When Performing Swing Dancing Basic Steps, Communication is Important!

Dancing is non-verbal but requires a connection between the partners. The man must be able to lead his partner effectively, and the woman must allow herself to be led to where her partner is taking her. As all professional dancers know, this connection is vital and can mean the success or doom of their performance. When you master the basic steps with your chosen partner, the more complicated twists and turns should not be too difficult to accomplish afterwards.

So are you ready to put on your dancing shoes? It’s fast, but once you get the hang of it, it’s no trouble at all. Go ahead and take these great tips on swing dancing basic steps and dance rediscover the fun in dancing! Enjoy!

Learn Swing Dancing Basic Steps

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