Swing Dancing Basic Steps

Learn Swing Dancing Basic Steps

Swing Dancing Basic Steps

Learning some swing dancing basic steps can get you in that sexy new figure in no time at all. Ballroom dancing is one of the most enjoyable things anyone can get into. Not only is it fun to do and watch, you get your physical exercise in as well. No wonder many of the professional dancers are slim and fit—all those blood pumping twists, turns and dancing should make almost anyone thin.

Swing Dancing Basic StepsWhat is swing dance? It is one of the most popular forms of dancing around. Swing was developed around the 1930’s and 1940’s and was danced along with swing jazz music. Since then, it has been a mainstay throughout several generations. Although now swing doesn’t have to be performed to the tune of jazz. Swing music is determined by the popular tunes of that particular era. Therefore, the bouncy beat of hip hop, rock and roll, pop and R&B are often used for this today.

Learning Swing Dancing Basic Steps

You might be interested in joining a dance class or trying out swing dancing. That’s great! You might find yourself addicted to this after a while so be warned beforehand. Here are a few East Coast swing basic steps that you might want to know about so you have a good idea on what to expect when you hit the dance floor.

Swing is a partner dance so find someone you are comfortable with dancing. First, the man takes a step to the left and closes the gap with the right foot. He does the same thing but now, do not bring the right foot in. Shift the weight to the right foot and then bring the left foot in beside the right foot. Take a right side step and then a step back with the left foot, and then rock your weight to the right foot. The woman does the opposite of the man.

Swing Dancing Basic Steps – Tips for Doing them Right

A good tip to follow is to keep your feet close together at all times. This is because swing dance is a fast dance and you a good sense of balance is critical to have. Take small and quick steps and practice the basic steps until you master it. After, you can start incorporating the spins and turning with a little work. Put that together with some flashy costumes and you’ve got yourself a show!

Keep in mind that ballroom dancing is a non communicative art which nevertheless requires a solid connection between the two partners. The man must masterfully lead his partner into their steps, and the woman must follow and not try to lead herself. When both parties learn how to do this effectively, then it is such an entertaining and enjoyable thing to watch.

Now you have great tips on swing dancing basic steps. What are you waiting for? Grab your dancing shoes and start practicing! Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself auditioning in one of those fun dance shows on television. You really will have the time of your life when you do. Have fun practising your swing dancing basic steps!

Learn Swing Dancing Basic Steps

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