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Dance Television Shows

There are a few dance television shows that are being aired today. Who can blame those producers? There are so many unsung, talented people that pour out their hearts in their craft (dancing) and giving them a platform would only push the world of arts to another level. Dance Television Shows Popularity Sure, many people […]


So You Think You Can Dance

One of the first really good dance television shows is So You Think You Can Dance. It is a fantastic show that showcases some of the best dancers in the United States today. So You Think You Can Dance The format of the show is simple. The judges go around several states for open auditions […]


Dancing With the Stars 2012

There is a lot of talk going on with the Dancing with the Stars 2012 season 15. I mean in itself, this fantastic show has been making top ratings—but an all-star season? Get ready for a phenomenal run this year! Who are the contestants for Dancing with the Stars 2012 all-star edition? Which star will […]