Tango Dancing

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Tango Dancing

I don’t know about you but I always get image of a man dipping his lady partner and the lady picking up a long stemmed red rose between her teeth as she arises from that dip. Interestingly enough, there are not a lot of rose-between-teeth-holding in the real world of Tango. So that made me ask, what exactly is tango dancing?

Tango originated from the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It then found its way to American shores via Paris in the early 20th century. Its popularity took a plunge during the Great Depression, but as we can see today, it’s enjoying a resurgence of fame largely thanks to reality dance shows and hit movies like “True Lies” and “Evita” that showcased this beautiful, sometimes parodied, dance.

Types of Tango Dancing

It probably looks the same for the untrained eye, but there are actually several forms of Tango dancing. Some of these examples are the Argentine Tango, the French Tango, The Gaucho and the International Tango dancing. There’s also an American Tango which is basically a combination of the abovementioned versions.

Some people find Tango a rather challenging dance. Long, elegant strides across the dance floor, complex poses and very intricate footwork should be executed precisely by both partners. On the other hand, as a famous actor once put it— if you get tangled up in Tango, you just go right ahead and Tango some more— or something like that.

If you think about it like that, then it does make sense. What is dancing if you’re not having fun with it, right? Of course it’s a different story when you’re a professional dancer out competing based on technical points and what not. But even then, when you are dancing with all of your heart and you are enjoying yourself, other people immediately pick up on that and it makes you extremely enjoyable to watch.

Tango music is an interesting blend of different cultures from Africa, India, Spain, France and Latin America. Originally, Argentine Tango had no drums, only piano, violins, guitars and sometimes a singer. Nowadays, Tango music has evolved— whether for the good or for the bad is entirely up to the individual listener. However way the music is developed, the sound should be dramatic and rich to match the spirit of Tango.

Tango Dancing Techniques

Even if Tango dancing has a sensual and bold texture to it, it is not overtly sexual. You can still sense the elegance and strength of this dance exuding from talented dancers. The steps are not particularly complicated compared to the other ballroom dances. What is more important for the dancers to learn is to build up their character and improve on their partnering in order to really do well in performing this dance.

Tango dancing is an art that only a brave few have dared mastered. Are you one of them? Live life to the fullest and dance with a passion today.

Tango Lessons

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