Tango Lessons


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Tango Lessons

I always thought Tango was a sexy dance. I mean, what is not completely over-the-top sexy about it? You have the tall, dark and handsome man dipping the beautiful lady with a thigh-high slit in her red dress. Between the rich and compelling beat and the dramatic and precise movements, Tango is a sexy dance. So naturally, I had a phase where I wanted to be sexy and guess what I did? You guessed right— I took Tango lessons.

Well, to be more specific, I bought some Tango video lessons first. I didn’t want to go take a lesson without first having a better idea of what Tango was like. For all I knew, every woman dancer started with a rose held between her teeth. I would look pretty silly if I came to class like that.

The Tango videos were really helpful. I learned a lot. The instructors of the videos were professional dancers but they made it simple for the students to understand. Tango dancing, or any dancing for that matter, is more about the emotions behind the dance. When you tap on the spirit of the dance, the more technical aspects will follow with some training. When you master bringing these two aspects together— then your performance becomes a beautiful thing to watch.

Tango Lessons on Video or In Person?

I was really enjoying my ballroom dancing videos, but I knew I needed more. Tango is a partner dance and I was running out of cleaning equipments to dance with. It was fine dancing with a broomstick at first, but after a while the chemistry between the two of us fizzled out. I know in order to achieve my goal of being an alluring temptress (at least in my head), I’ve got to be what all alluring temptresses are and be bold to take a step outside my comfort zone. I enrolled in a dance class.

Have you ever tried enrolling in a dance class? I don’t know why but I thought all dancers were skinny and snobbish. It’s good to know that I was wrong. The dance class I was in had people in all shapes and sizes— and I mean ALL shapes and sizes. There was this one time a tall and big-boned lady was paired with a skinny teenager in high-waist slacks. The image of it was worth every cent I spent on the Tango lessons.

The funny thing about it is that they were actually good. They tried their best and they had fun with it. All the pre-conceived notions I had with this strange and exciting world was slowly being dismantled— and it was a good thing. I set out with an end goal in mind, and I ended up voraciously enjoying the entire journey getting there.

Can Tango Lessons Make You Look Sexier?

The truth? I don’t think I’m any sexier than when I started out with my Tango lessons. But really, who cares? I’m in love with life and everything about it! So I’m hooking my elbow with Life and taking him to my dance lessons. After all, it takes two to Tango.

Tango Lessons

Click Here for Tango Lessons!

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