Tango Dance Steps

If I say ballroom dancing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the fun and lively swing moves, the slow and elegant lines of the waltz, or the bold and dramatic tango dance steps? For many, tango is a dance that has been deeply ingrained in their minds. And who can blame them? When the right couple dances this sultry dance, it will be harder for you to try to forget it.

Tango dance steps are said to have originated in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century by middle class migrants facing a less than promising future due to the poor economic condition of the world. These soulful and passionate people had a lot of time in their hands which they used to further develop this beautiful dance that enthralled even the upper class people of that time. In the early 1900s, the tango debuted in Paris and became extremely popular in the European world.

Since then, the tango has evolved to the dance we know today. The three most popular kinds of tango are the Argentine tango, the American tango and the International tango. Tango is fun, but it also a highly disciplined dance that requires excellent timing and footwork. Here are some basic tango dance steps that will help you be on your way to becoming a fantastic tango dancer.

If there is one thing that you notice about the tango, it is the impeccable bearing of the couple performing it. Therefore, you must be very careful of the way you carry yourself when you dance the tango. Keep your spine straight and your chin tilted slightly upward. They follow the closed dance position almost all throughout the dance.

As with most ballroom dancing, the man takes the lead and the woman follows. The lead takes a slow step forward with the left foot, and then takes another slow step forward with the right foot. Next, the lead takes a quick, small step forward with the left foot, then takes a quick step to the right without closing the gap. Finally, the lead gracefully drags his left foot to bring it beside the right foot, and this completes the basic step. This is repeated in different variations and the woman performs the opposite of the lead.

When you can do the basic footwork of the tango, you can then embellish it with the other more complicated steps, twists and turns. Some of these fancy steps include leg hooks, the corte, the promenade, the apache throw out, the open fan, and the corte to fan. Don’t try these until you have really mastered the basic steps.

Remember, when you go out to perform the tango dance steps, you must take with you the character of the dance. Be bold, dramatic and sultry! Be precise with your head snaps and maintain a smoldering eye contact with your partner whenever possible. When you do these, you almost won’t need the dramatic costumes and eye make-up to make a statement— you’ll be a dance goddess that will be hard to ignore. Enjoy!

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