Tango Dance

Many ballroom dancing aficionados will agree that the tango dance is one of the most dramatic and sensual dances there are. If you want to add some excitement to your life, then definitely you should get yourself in some dance lessons that teaches the tango.

Tango Dance Lessons

The tango dance is not so much about the technical prowess (although there is a certain level of skill required here), as it is the feel of the dance. Dancers who perform this exquisite dance should do it with their whole heart or else it won’t be authentic. The tango, and all other dances, should move you and in doing so, move others around you.

Tango Dance Showmanship

When I was first introduced to tango, the pictures that come in my head  are a debonair man and a stunning lady in a bright red lipstick that both exude elegance and excess. While the dance itself is rich in emotion and culture, it actually originated from the lower class districts of Buenos Aires and made popular by working class immigrants.

This tells you something about how tango is expressed. The dance is not just a social past time that privileged individuals take up to while the time, it is a source of escape for people who have to endure many hardships in their daily lives. Dancing helped them to survive and you can feel the intensity of their emotions in the movements they are creating.

Tango Dance Techniques

There are many kinds of tango that developed from the initial dance form. The techniques vary a little bit from style to style, but they all retain the quality of romance and drama that many people are attracted to. The more professional dancers pull off moves that are almost gymnastic in nature. The twists, turns and lifts are incredibly powerful and need physically able performers to carry it out.

If you do not feel you can do those crazy stunts, you don’t have to. This dance is not about showmanship, but about passion. It is a good idea to learn the tango with someone you have chemistry with, but even if you don’t you can enjoy the tango dance for the fun and many benefits it will give you.

Tango Dance Weight Loss Benefits!

Obviously the first benefit is that it will help you tone up and lose weight. I heard Kirstie Alley lost about 100 lbs and 38 inches by the end of the season of Dancing with the Stars (where she placed second by the way). Your coordination will improve, as well as your stamina and physical strength. Moreover, studies have shown that the tango dance has specifically been beneficial to patients suffering from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps aside from the physical benefits it gives to the person, dancing also helps make them feel exhilarated, sexy, strong and young. It might not be for everyone, but it sure won’t hurt to try it out.

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