Tango Dresses

Whoever said ballroom is boring has obviously never seen the tango. Tango is a rich and intense style of ballroom dancing that has captivated audiences from around the world. If you are learning how to dance the tango and want to know how to look like sensational, find out more about tango dresses in this short article today.

As you probably know, tango is a dramatic dance. Therefore, you have to wear a costume that reflects the fire and passion that the dance exemplifies. Typical tango dresses are red and black, but for variety— sexy dresses in silver, gold or purple can work just as well. Use a combination of these rich hues to provide a vivid contrast in what you are wearing.

The cut and material of the dress should also be comfortable for you. Diagonally cut skirts, or longer hemlines with a long slit are great for giving versatility in movement, as well as a good excuse to show off well-toned legs. If you are uncomfortable with showing too much leg, then opt for a flowy skirt that moves alluringly when you dance.

Of course when you deliberate the dress you will don for your performance, you should also take careful consideration of the hair and make-up you will wear. Make-up for tango should be intense and smoldering, so start learning how to put smoky eye make-up on. You can also line your eyes in liquid black eyeliner and finish it off with a fiery red lipstick. Slick your hair back to a smooth bun for an elegant effect. Having your hair off your face is also more practical in case your choreography incorporates a few head snaps in it.

Now, we know that you already look good with your tango dress on, make sure that your partner looks just as awesome as you. Outfits for men dancing the tango should not overpower their partners, but it must be striking enough to solicit interest with the women ratio of the audience.

Black is the best choice for men’s outfit. Or you can also match the color with whatever your costume is. A long-sleeved satin polo opened a few buttons down is sexy, but a simple black stretch t-shirt lends an understated and striking effect. Look for black trousers that in a classic cut that are designed to move and flow easily.

You can get the best tango dresses and accessories in the fantastic dance store that the links in this article will direct you to. Browse through the selection and find the perfect dress and shoes that will help you look and feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you will act sexy—this will translate to a captivating performance that everybody will remember.

What are you waiting for? Purchase a couple of tango dresses today and be on your way to dancing your hot, sexy number like never before! Tango dancing is not just a dance, it is an experience that will thrill you like no other. Enjoy!

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