Tango DVD

What is one of the most requested ballroom dancing lessons today? If you say Macarena, you are wrong. It’s the tango! Tango is a fun and exciting way to express yourself while having a good exercise workout. One way you can learn the tango is by using a good tango DVD.

Anyone can benefit from a tango DVD. I don’t know about you, but I like having a good time with my friends. You don’t have to get drunk or do completely crazy things to have fun. It can be as simple as popping in a dance instructional video and learning together until you all look and feel like dancing superstars.

Why the tango? Well, why not? Think of a dance more dramatic, more expressive than tango dancing? It will be hard to top this feisty dance, I’m telling you. Not only will learning tango help you come out of your shell (that is, if you are shy), it will also keep the inches off your waistline as well.

In fact, you may not know it but the tango is reported to be extremely helpful to people with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The forward and backward movement in a variety of speed, and the need for balance is beneficial for those suffering from Parkinson’s. The studies are yet to be concluded but we can safely assume that dancing the tango has advantages that one will be remiss to ignore.

If you were not lured by the tango because of health benefits, you probably got attracted to it because of the movies that featured this one of a kind dance. True Lies, The Scent of A Woman, Take the Lead, Evita, Moulin Rouge, Frida, Rent and Chicago are just some of the popular films that showcased the tango. The sexiness that exudes from this dance has captivated more than a few people to start taking up tango dancing lessons.

Now, if you are serious about this but are unsure about enrolling in a class, then a tango DVD is the best route to go. You can learn the steps and choreography of this dance in the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you need is a player, some comfy sweats and you’re off to learn this awesome dance!

Don’t just download any dance instruction DVD you find. There are several well-meaning dance enthusiasts that record themselves on video to teach dance lessons. While this is noble and potentially helpful, it cannot compare to learning from people who are actual experts in their fields. A great teacher will show you the correct posture, form and footwork from the onset so you don’t have to unlearn any bad habits or wrong techniques when you start.

You can click on the links in this article to find a great tango DVD today. The instructors are award winning dancers who are recognized in the world of dancing. Imagine, you will be spending a few dollars to learn from the best of the best. If there is a step or choreography you didn’t quite understand, you can play the DVD back to that particular part until you get it. That’s right— no need for embarrassing stop-the-class-I-didn’t-get-that-last-part moments for you.

Of course once you learn the basics, I recommend that you go out there and enroll in a studio to put into practice what you have learned. Tango is, after all, a partner dance and unless you have a trusty partner learning with you at home, all your efforts will be for naught without a real person dancing with you. The great thing about it is that when you start classes, you’ll have a head start on everyone else. They’ll think you were a natural born dancer or an undiscovered talent when really, you just had more practice than everyone else.

More than the steps and choreography, when you dance the tango, you need to think sexy thoughts. Put on that red lipstick and be the sexy siren that you know you are. When you embody the spirit of the dance, people cannot help but notice you.

What are you waiting for? Get your tango DVD and get your groove on today! Life is good, it’s time to start living it today.

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