Tango Steps

If I were taking a vote on the most enjoyed ballroom dancing styles, how many of you would raise your hand for the tango? I thought so. Tango is a seriously sexy dance that has captivated the whole world since its rise to fame in the 1900s. Learn more about the tango steps and how you can be a stalking tigress in this fabulous article today.

Tango is all about the attitude. You better be wearing more than a tango costume when you head on to the dance floor— you have to have your sexy on. If you don’t believe in yourself when you are performing this dance of seduction, you can forget about doing all the steps you’ve practiced because it just won’t work without it. Feel the spirit of the dance and move to the music— this is the secret of successful tango.

Now, before we learn the tango steps, you need to learn about how to hold yourself up when you dance. The erect frame of the torso is held all throughout the duration of the dance. The elongated position of the spine gives the dance beautiful lines and makes the over-all effect more elegant.

The tango is technically danced in a closed position, although because of constant change and evolution, it sometimes reverts to the open hold where twists and pivots are incorporated in the dance. Be mindful of the direction where your head is angled, slightly tilted to the left and to the right. There are some tango steps that require head snaps exchanging smoldering looks with your partner. Own the character that you are playing and go all out with your performance.

Men usually take the lead and the women follow, although there are some tango dances that exchange these roles to make an interesting twist. There are several kinds of tango but for the basic footwork, here are the basic tango steps for men: Take a step back with the right foot, a step to the side with the left foot, then a step forward with the right and then the left foot. Now take a left foot forward, then pivot the right foot to the left slowly, then bring it together to repeat it again. The woman takes the natural opposite of the man’s steps.

Practice the basic pattern of the footwork before you attempt to try the other fancy twists, turns and dips. Don’t look to your feet when you dance, no matter how complicated it may seem because you will end up tripping over yourself or stepping on your partners toes. Count in your head and rehearse constantly. It won’t be long before you’ll be doing the tango without even having to consciously think about what you will be doing next.

What are you waiting for? Go out there and learn the basic tango steps, grab a friend and have a lot of fun teaching each other how NOT to do it! Life is too important to take it too seriously. Have fun!

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