The Tango Dance

It is said that the tango dance is a combination of rich African and European cultures that has found its way in the streets of Buenos Aires where it has further been developed into the sultry and passionate art form that it is today. Now, tango is one of the best loved and in demand ballroom dance that the world has ever seen.

Because tango has been so popular, it has further sub-evolved into many more types and categories. The ones that people are most familiar with are the Argentine tango, the American tango and the Ballroom tango. While these three share a lot of similarities in style and form of dance, there are also distinct differences in how they are performed.

In the Argentine tango, the dance is led by the center of the body and the feet almost is dragging, albeit gracefully, with the torso. While a typical ballroom dance will have the man and woman dance the natural opposite parts of each other, with the Argentine tango, the man and woman may perform different elements and combinations of the dance.

The tango dance is usually danced with a closed hold positon, but American tango is characterized for its more flexible take on this. The American tango will often use the open hold (especially when danced by beginners) and this position opens up to variations in the dance like breaks and pivots that is unrecognized by authentic Argentine tango.

With ballroom tango, the dance is noticeably initiated by the movements in the lower limbs, particularly the hip, knees and ankles. This sexy technique is performed well with staccato beats and dramatic music. The International ballroom tango is a very disciplined dance that when executed properly, beautifully exhibits the juxtaposition of the sharp and elegant nature of the tango.

If you want to dance the tango, you have to make sure that you embody the soul of this dance. Most tango dresses are in fiery red or dramatic black hues. The hair is slicked back and the women wear smoky eye make-up and bright red lipstick. The men either wears a deep V open collar silk shirt of a stretch black t-shirt. The striking simplicity and understated sensuality of the man’s appearance provides a stark contrast to the woman’s dramatic look.

It’s really important that you establish a good connection with your partner if you are performing the tango dance together. Without sizzling chemistry, it doesn’t matter how technically superb you both may be, the dance will fall flat on its face. Practice with each other often so that you build rapport and are able to anticipate each other’s moves effectively. Excellent partnering skills are often what makes a couple stands out and gives them an edge over the other dancers.

The tango dance is not only a compelling performance to watch, it is a very exciting dance to do. Get yourself a hold of great ballroom dancing lessons and begin to learn the basic moves of the tango. You will not regret it. Enjoy!

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