Dance Instruction Videos – Waltz Steps

Did you know that some of the most requested dance instruction videos are those of the waltz dance? It is highly probably that every single person has to dance the waltz at one point in their lives so it makes sense to buy a ballroom dance DVD and learn the waltz steps for special occasions that require it.

Don’t worry, the waltz is not that difficult a dance to master. Sure, you will find absolutely stunning performances done by professional dancers on television— but the secret is that they just learned the basics and built on that to create a magnificent choreography. Anybody can be stellar on the dance floor, and that includes you— yes you reading this article today.

When dancing the waltz, make sure you hold your partner correctly. The woman’s left hand rests lightly on the man’s upper left arm, and her right hand is held by the man’s left hand. The man’s right hand is positioned on the woman’s left shoulder blade. The body should be firm, the spine almost stiff and the elbows should never be allowed to drop. This signature posture lends an elegance and grace to the over-all effect of the dance.

The basic step for the waltz is the box step. This is called as such because the footwork of the couple forms an invisible box. The man steps forward with the left foot, and a side step to the right. He brings the left foot beside the right foot, then steps back with the right foot. He takes a step back with the left foot, and closes the right foot beside the left. The woman follows the natural opposite of the man’s steps.

It is very important in waltz that the couple establish strong partnering skills. This is foundational in ballroom dancing. The man should be able to lead competently and the woman must allow herself to be led. You can only do this when you have made a connection and trust with each other. Practice often so that you will both be able to anticipate each other’s moves and flow effectively.

Another tip is to not look at your feet while you’re dancing. I know this may seem really awkward at first, but when you look at your feet the more likely you will trip over them as you perform your steps. Looking into your partner’s eyes and enjoying each other’s company will work better for you. Master the individual elements of the dance before putting them all together so that you won’t get confused with the whole choreography. Listen to the counts in the song and let yourself feel the music. When you do, the dancing becomes natural and magical to those watching you perform.

You can learn more about the basic posture, waltz steps and other helpful tips in the dance instructional videos found in this site. You may not have lofty dreams to be a world famous dancer, but you can make your day special when you take the time to learn your waltz today. Enjoy!

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