How to Waltz

Did you know that the waltz was once thought to be an obscene and inappropriate dance? It sounds funny, but it’s true. It wasn’t until the end of the 18th century before the waltz became generally accepted by the general public and now it has become one of the best loved dances in the whole world. Learn the basics on how to waltz in this short article today.

Before you begin dancing, always make time to stretch and warm up 15 minutes before every session. Doing so will warm up muscles and loosen stiff joints, preventing you from potential injuries and soreness. This is also preparing your cardiovascular system for the workout you will be subjecting your body to. After your lessons you should also take 15 to 20 minutes to cool down for the same reasons.

Now, I don’t know if you want to learn how to waltz because you were forced to learn it or because you just really, really want to. One thing you have to remember is that the waltz is a dance that is known for its elegant lines and graceful strides. Think about that and try to embody that as you dance. When you understand this, your performance becomes more authentic and beautiful to watch.

The frame in the waltz is more rigid than the other forms of ballroom dancing. The spines need to be firm and the arms held in a particular angle, with the elbows not dropping. Partnering skills is essential in dancing the waltz and must be practiced by the couple until they perfect it and learn to anticipate each other’s moves well enough.

The box step is the basic step that couples learning the waltz need to learn. It’s not that difficult, but will require some practice for the less than coordinated man or woman. The partners face each other. The man takes a forward step with the left foot simultaneously as the woman takes a step backward with the left foot. The man takes a step right, the woman takes a step to the left. The man closes the left foot beside the right foot and the woman does the same with the opposite foot. This completes the first half of the box step.

Next, the man steps back with the right foot, and the woman takes a forward step with the left. He takes a side step backwards with the left foot, and the woman takes a step forward sideways with the right foot. The man then closes the right foot beside the left foot, and the woman closes the left foot beside the right foot.

When you master the box step, you will then vary it by rotating the box and by incorporating dips and twists and turns in the dance. Again, you need to hone your partnering skills because chemistry is a vital part of making any performance stand out.

Find out more about how to waltz when you go the resources available in this site today. Enjoy!

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