Learn to Waltz

Ask any ballroom dance studio and they will tell you that one of the most requested dances they get is the waltz. It might be because some people need to dance it for a wedding or a coming out party. Some just really love how this elegant dance looks. Whatever their reason, they want to learn to waltz and they never regretted it. Waltz is a beautiful style of ballroom dancing. A lot of the modern dancing nowadays involves a lot of gyrations and overtly suggestive movements that leaves little to the imagination. While that may be fun for a particular group of people, it is highly unlikely that these kinds of dancing will last longer than a few years. A lot of the dances have not survived the constant evolution of dance art through the years. Now, this is not to say that waltz has always been the socially acceptable form of social dancing. There was a time where the upper class people felt that the waltz overstepped its bounds with the intertwining of the partners’ bodies. If only there was a time machine, it would be interesting to see how those people would respond to some of the dance videos we have today. Nowadays, more and more people want to learn to waltz again. Chalk it up to the immense popularity of fantastic dance shows like “Dancing with the Stars” or “So You Think You Can Dance”. The amazing talent and undeniable star quality found in these reality dance showdowns have inspired many individuals to brush off their forgotten dreams of becoming a dance superstar. How about you? Do you want to learn to waltz? It might take you a few weeks to hold your own in the dance floor but it’s definitely worth the effort you put into it. The distinguished lines and the proud bearing of this style of dance have captivated many audiences around the world. Here are a few tips that will help you be that waltz god or goddess you’ve always wanted to be. Waltz, as you may have already noticed, is a slow dance. One of the most critical things you need to master is the timing of the piece you are going to perform. Many times in the waltz, the choreography calls for a shift in the weight without completing the entire beat so listen closely to the music and follow the steps given correctly. A quality that is particularly noticeable in the waltz is the rise and fall movement of the dancers. It makes for a beautiful sight when executed properly. If you are just beginning, this might be a little challenging. Practice rising and falling gracefully smoothly with your partner; as well as subtle shift changes incorporated throughout the dance. You will need to learn to waltz at some point in your life for one reason or another— why don’t you start now? Find more helpful tips and resources on ballroom dancing when you click on the links in this site today.

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