Learn Waltz Steps

Most ballroom dancing studios will tell you that one of the most requested dance is the waltz. Potential students either need to learn the waltz for a special occasion, or are just simply in love with this really elegant and enchanting waltz steps.

Of course this has not always been the way. There was a time that waltz was considered to be a completely inappropriate dance of the less affluent class. The rich and snobby people at that time were scandalized by the close proximity of the man and woman bodies twirling around the dance area.

However, like with all true expressions of art, this view did not last long. By the end of the nineteenth century, modifications of the waltz were made and a standard, more polished waltz dance was born. Now dance studios from all over the world are offering lessons on how to master the waltz dance steps.

The waltz steps are not a difficult dance to learn once you know the basics of it. You will need a partner and a commitment to master it despite the bruised toes you will have in the beginning parts of your lessons. Once you get past that though, you are on your way to dancing like a sensation like we all know you are.

First of all, let us study the frame of the waltz. The partners face each other 6 inches away. The spine is held in a rigid alignment and the elbows are not allowed to sag. Men, the lead, hold their partner’s right hand with their left hands, and they rest their right hands on her left shoulder blade. The women’s left hands are placed on the man’s upper left arm.

The box step is the basic step you need to learn in the waltz. It is called the box step because of the pattern it creates. It’s easy to learn and once you do, you can add in the dips and turns throughout the dance.

Box waltz steps for the man are as follows: Take a step forward with the left foot. Take a step to the side with the right foot. Close the left foot beside the right foot. Take a step back with the right foot. Take a step backwards and sideways with the left foot. Close the right foot beside the left foot. The woman follows the opposite of the man’s steps (left to right, forward to backward).

Many beginners make the mistake of missing the count so be careful to listen to the beat of the waltz music. Endeavor to be smooth in the rise and fall of the waltz so you will look flawless and beautiful out on the dance floor.

That may seem easy enough for most of us, but remember that there are some people who are not as adept at learning waltz steps like you. Be patient. He or she will eventually learn and when they do, this becomes an experience you won’t soon forget together. Have as much fun as you can and enjoy the process when you do.

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