Waltz Dance Steps

You cannot call yourself a ballroom dancer unless you have successfully learned the waltz. The waltz is a classic that you can use not just for dance tournaments, but special events and occasions as well. Here are some great tips on the waltz dance steps that you can share with your friends today.

Waltz is a partner dance, so it would really be helpful if you have a partner you can dance with. The rule of thumb is that men take the lead and the women, follow. Now, for all the strong women out there, don’t think this takes away from your competence as a skillful dancer. Not at all. Remember, people always said that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did— only backwards and in heels. Ladies, your roles are recognized and very much appreciated by all the real men out there.

Before you learn the basic waltz dance steps, study the proper posture and holding of your partner.  The man’s right hand rests lightly on the woman’s left shoulder blade and holds her right hand with his left hand. The woman’s left hand is placed on her partner’s upper arm or shoulder.

The basic footwork in the waltz is the box step. This step is called as such because of the box pattern it creates on the dance floor. The box step can further be sliced in two— the forward box step and the backward back step. In dancing the box step, it is critical that the man is able to lead and the woman can follow well. Practice your partnering skills so that you can pull this off successfully.

This is the basic box step for the man: Take a step forward with the left foot, then step to the side with the right foot, close your left foot beside the right foot (first half). Then step back with the right foot, use the left foot to step back sideways, and close the right foot beside the left foot.

For the woman, it is the same but with the opposite side: Take a step back with the right foot, then take a step to the left with the left foot, close the right foot beside the left foot (first half). Step forward towards your partner now with the left foot, then forward sideways with the right foot, then close it by bringing the left foot beside the right foot.

The waltz is typified by the graceful rise and fall of the choreography, with some sweeping turns and dips incorporated in. Keep in mind that while the lines are strong and beautiful in waltz dance steps, it should always retain the soft and romantic feel that makes it so magical. Maintain eye contact with your partner throughout the dance.

These waltz dance steps are not meant for reading— they’re meant for doing! Go grab your friend, play some great waltz dance music and start waltzing. You never know how good you are unless you’ve tried. Enjoy!

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