Waltz Dance

Most people who want to learn ballroom dancing want to learn the waltz dance. It is an elegant and timeless art that you can use not just in your lessons, but on special occasions as well. Who would have imagined that once upon a time that the waltz was considered to be a racy and scandalous dance that people from the upper crust society turned their noses up to?

That’s right. Before the waltz was established as one of the greatest ballroom dancing experience, it was thought of as inappropriate. Then again, waltz dancing has been refined through the years. The fast whirling of couples in a tight embrace eventually gave way to a more polished and elegant version that we now know today.

How about you? Do you want to learn the waltz dance? If you are tasked to learn this because of some event you have to participate in, don’t fret. The waltz isn’t as scary or difficult as you might think. Even the most uncoordinated of people can learn this in a few short lessons.

One thing you must learn in the waltz is the posture and position. The man and the woman face each other and the man takes the lead and the woman follows. The man holds the woman’s left shoulder blade and her right hand gently. The woman holds the man’s hand and his upper arm. Be particular about the posture you hold in waltz dancing. The spine must be stiff, don’t allow your elbows to drop, and keep your chin up at all times. The regal bearing that this posture lends is one of the charms of the waltz.

Dances in waltz time is following the tempo of 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Many beginners fail to start at the right time, rushing into the next beat and step. This is a traveling dance and typically, couples should move in a counter-clockwise direction. If you are in a competition, be aware of the other dancers on the dance floor to avoid unsightly collisions that will result in deducted points.

The basic foot work in the waltz dance is the box step. It is named as such because of the square pattern it makes on the floor. It is a really easy choreography to learn. It will take you only one session to master this, when you do you will begin to incorporate the turns and dips into the dance.

It is important that you transition to the next step smoothly. When you are first staring to dance, you can get technical and almost robotic in your dancing. Make it a point to practice often with your partner so you can polish your dance and make it look effortless. More than that, establish a good connection with each other. This is the secret to an awesome performance.

If you want to be part of something truly magical and timeless, learn the waltz dance. It is an experience you can share with those closest to your heart. Enjoy!

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