Waltz Lessons

At one point of every adult person’s life he or she will have to learn one thing— how to do the waltz. It might be in your wedding or some other special occasion, but know for certain that you will have to dance this no matter what. You will do well if you take up waltz lessons and be well prepared for it even before the need for it arises.

If you are someone who rank dancing one notch higher than getting your tooth pulled, then it’s time you let go of that thinking. Professional dancing may not be for everybody but anybody can dance if he really wanted to. So before anything else, make up your mind that you WANT to dance. When you do, the dancing gods will hear your prayer and graciously lend you the gift of grace and coordination for the needed event.

What do you need to know about the waltz? It is an elegant and timeless dance that has enchanted millions of people from all over the world, from every generation. You will see amazing dancers in stunning costumes perform it in international competitions to a jam-packed crowd a few times a year.

Perhaps the resurgence of the popularity of waltz can be largely attributed to the phenomenal success of reality dance shows today. Talented stars and professional dancers have elevated the waltz and other ballroom dancing styles into an art that is appreciated by countless of people today. Thanks to them, we can enjoy watching beautiful and graceful people express emotions through music and movement.

Now, you may not have a deep love affair for dance. Maybe you just want to have waltz lessons because your spouse, mother, or friend blackmailed you into it. It’s alright. You might actually like it by the end of your lessons if you choose to keep an open mind about it.

When you dance the waltz, you need to remember one thing— that is to carry yourself well. If you have watched people dancing the waltz you will notice that they dance with a somewhat rigid spine, with heads held high. The elbows should never sag and the man is adept in leading his partner to the dance. Waltz is a partner dance and it is critical that you establish good connection and partnering skills when you attempt to take on the waltz.

The simple waltz is made up of the box step in variations. It is then incorporated with dips and turns throughout the dance. More often than not, the couple travels through the dance floor also. Keep in mind that the waltz is poised and elegant so maintain beautiful lines and graceful movements as you glide through the dance area.

Go to the links in this site to find an excellent ballroom dance DVD to teach you waltz lessons. It is a good investment you can make for yourself and whoever you will be dancing with because it is taught by great professional dancers, some of the best in their field. Enjoy!

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